The Nanton Lancaster Historical Society

An organization in Nanton, Alberta, Canada that is restoring an Avro Lancaster Mk.10 as well as several other aircraft.

The Royal Canadian Air Force Museum

Located in Trenton, Ontario, Canada, they are currently restoring a Handley Page Halifax.

The Comox Air Force Museum's Spitfire Restoration Site

Follow the progress of a Spitfire being restored to flying condition on Canada's West Coast.

The Canadian Warplane Heritage

The premier warplane museum in Canada and the home of one of two flying Lancasters in the world.

The National Aviation Museum

An unbelievable museum located in Ottawa, it is a must see for anyone interested in aviation.


Air Force Historical Sites

6 Group RCAF

The source for information on 6 Group operations and history. This site is a must for anyone doing research into Canadian squadrons and airmen that made up 6 Group.

RCAF Wings of Freedom

The ultimate resource for history on Canada's air force from its beginnings to present day.

The Royal Canadian Legion

A great site to find old comrades or contact veterans.

Archie: A pilot in RAF Bomber Command

The story William Bruce Archibald of the RAF and his crew.


Aircraft Sites

57 Rescue

Want to learn more about the Halifax bomber and connect with people that share the same interest? Where else but in the land where the Halifax was built and became legendary would such a site exist. This site is a compendium of information about the Halifax, be sure to visit the forum.


Randall Whitcomb Aviation Authour and Artist

An Ex-CF fighter pilot, a talented aviation artist and the authour of a great book about the Avro Arrow and Cold War aviation in Canada.

Canadian Army Historical Sites

The 48th Highlanders

A site about the 48th Highlander Regiment and its participation in World War Two.

The Royal Canadian Regiment Association

The association for Canada's oldest army regiment and my fathers old unit from Korea.