Remembrance Day 2015

I would like to welcome all of the visitors to the site on the Remembrance Day 2015. I would also like to thank the family members of the crew of Halifax MZ589, without your input and contributions this site and the parent site ( would never have been possible.

We will likely never know the fate of the men of Halifax MZ589 (a.k.a. the Collver crew) but, through the National Archives and the families of the crew as well as through other fellow researchers,  a glimpse into their lives as an operational bomber crew has been reconstructed.

The aircraft pictured above (MZ857 SE-K) was flown by the Collver crew during a daylight operation to Conde Sur Noireau on D-Day and also Bonnetot in the days following D-Day. The Collver crew were also active during the early hours of D-Day when they bombed the Merville coastal batteries in Normandy.

I recommend that you explore the “Crew” and “operations area of the site as there is a multitude of interesting information that can be found there.

There are still potential sources for more information that may yet yield a photograph of the crew together. I would ask that family members keep an eye out for such a photo in their old photo albums etc.  There are also a few families of the crew that I have been unable to make contact with, Norman Bailey’s, Matthew MacFarlane’s and the original Bomb Aimer, R.B White.

Once again, thank you for visiting and remembering, I assure you that the work on my end shall continue.