Flight Sergeant Battista Dompe - 431 Squadron  


F/Sgt Battista Dompe - RCAF


F/Sgt Battista Dompe served as a mid-upper gunner for W/C Davenport's crew, after joining the crew at 1659 Heavy Conversion Unit in November of 1944. He followed the crew to 432 squadron and then to Croft where W/C Davenport took command of 431 Squadron. F/Sgt Dompe then flew as a spare gunner with the Haw, Henry and Heaven crews as P/O Hubert Bishop DFC took his place in the Davenport crew.

In an ironic twist of fate F/Sgt Dompe flew as a rear gunner in F/L Henry's crew during the same operation in which W/C Davenport and his crew were lost.

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  Photo courtesy of Battista Dompe, research by Linda Ibrom.