Pilot Officer Bill Baluk - 431 Squadron  


Pilot Officer Bill Baluk flew 19 bombing operations as a Flight Engineer with the Heaven crew. All of his operations were on Mk.X Lancasters, including one to Hamburg where their Rear Gunner W. Kuchma won a DFM for downing a ME262 jet. Remarkably, on the same trip the Mid Upper gunner was also credited with one damaged. Following VE day, the crew proudly flew its Lancaster SE-S KB-801 home to Canada.

In the post war years Bill served with the Ontario Provincial Police force and was recognized for his contributions in using aerial photography by the American Police hall of Fame. He continues to be active with National Air Force Museum of Canada where he was instrumental in having a stone cairn erected to commemorate 431 Squadron.



Information and photo graciously provided by Bill Baluk.