Sergeant James Oliver - 1663 Heavy Conversion Unit  

Sergeant James “Jock” Kennedy Oliver - RAFVR



Sergeant James “Jock” Kennedy Oliver  RAFVR,was  born in  1911 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He worked as an apprentice engineer, and when there was a lack of work, he worked as a scaffolder, till he enlisted in the RAF. After the war he worked as a trainee bricklayer in Worcester before moving back to Edinburgh where was a squad foreman till retiring aged seventy. A keen golfer, he played every day until he passed away on the 10th of June 1989.

James Oliver back row, second from left. Other airmen unknown.

He was a survivor of a crew who had made an abrupt turn to starboard on take off and crashed into a rock pile prior to joining the Sumner crew.

The crew consisted of:


Name Service Trade Hometown 
F/O “Bill” Sumner  RCAF Pilot London, Ontario
Sgt Jim “Jock” Oliver  RAFVR Flight Engineer Edinburgh, Scotland
F/O Jim O’Neil  RCAF Navigator London, Ontario
F/Sgt William Lloyd Fulford  RCAF Bomb Aimer Clinton, Ontario
F/Sgt T. "Yogi" Merchant  RCAF W/Op/AG Toronto, Ontario
W/O Harry Armstrong RAAF M/U  Gunner Allendale, Australia
F/O Bill Gordon RCAF Rear  Gunner Sault Ste Marie, Ontario





 Photos courtesy of Tom & Bill Oliver, research by Linda Ibrom.