No. 6 Bombing and Gunnery School - Mountainview, Ontario



Ray MacTavish outside billet. WAAFS  Betty & Mildred on skating rink

Hangars 4 & 5  Control tower as viewed from Avro Anson


Photos courtesy of Ronald Niven


Mountain View Bombing Instructors Course No 9

Back row-Christianson(on his own).Middle Row.

L to R-Marcuse,Baker,Hoyt,Galgan,Jameson,Stevenson,Robertson,Stoddart.A,Malcolm M.


Photo courtesy of Brenda M Ferguson, daughter of Cpl.A.Malcolm McNevan

No 16 Bombing Instructors Course 12/4/43 (George Dickson of 431 Squadron back row 2nd from right)

Names on the back of the photo.

Photos courtesy of Richard Dickson