No. 4 Wireless School - Guelph, Ontario  


  No. 4 Wireless School operated from the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, Ontario. Early in the school's   history its students endeared itself to the locals by extinguishing a fire in one of the College's barn's and saving its livestock. No flying took place at Guelph, Burtch or Fingal was usually the site. The school buildings still exist today as part of Guelph University.


Class "A" Course 61 August 25/1943

Class "A" of Course 61 in front of a Bolingbroke, August 25/1943.

L-R front Row: N. Clapham, F. Dupius, L.Graham, J. Grant, G. Hawkes, J. Hogg

back Row: A. Pinnegar, G.Reason, G.Smith, R.Snell, D.Swift, R.Thomson

(photo taken at Fingal)