No. 9 Air Observers School - St. Jean, Quebec  


Graduating Class Photo  24/6/1943

Sgt.Allan Edward Kurtzhals (KIA 434 sqn) is in back row centre.

Other airmen to graduate at this time from St.Jean include:

* Burgess, H (Broom) Verdun, Que, died 8/7/44 Gillespie, Gordie, Carleton, PEI McAvany, Jack (Mac), Brockville, ON Elder, A (another Al), Verdun, Quebec Kenneth, Dick, Bathurst, NB Blakeney, Ray, Shelburne, NS de Verteiul, J.P., Drummondville, Quebec * Chute, G.E., Middle Stewincke, N.S., died 26/3/44 Menard, J.D., Montreal, Quebec Burrows, A. Russell, Montreal, Quebec * Barber, J.W., Lansdowne, Nova Scotia, died 25/5/44 *Flewelling, C., Allston, Mass, died 6/22/44 * Rollo, R., St. Johns. Quebec, died 19/3/44 Bob Beauford?? Montreal, Quebec. * McEachern, Hector, New Waterford, NS, died 7/7/44 Weir, K.S., Trail, B.C. Campbell, N.F., Windsor, N.S. Bishop, J.R., Gilroy, SK Enos, R., Montreal, Que Bernier?, F.O., Ottawa, On LeBlanc, J.W., Yarmouth, N.S. Frenlin? J? T?, Clinton, On Lefkowitz, B., Montreal, Que Mace, B.H., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

* denotes killed in action


Photo courtesy of Dale Plante, more information on this class is available from her, contact the webmaster for details.