Leading Aircraftsman Edwin Lister  - 462 Squadron  

LAC Edwin Rowland Lister RAF

LAC Edwin Rowland Lister was the son of Edward Leslie and Daisy Victoria Lister of Sandgate, Kent and brother of Maisie and Daisy Beatrice ( Betty). His brother, Flight Lieutenant Eric Lister RAFVR was killed with 431 squadron on 4th December 1943. Edwin, known as "Eddie" lied about his age on enlisting, being under eighteen, and on leaving school immediately joined the RAF and was sent to Tripoli as ground crew attached to 462 RAAF squadron. He was killed on the 20th April 1943.


 Edwin Lister's Grave

 In an account from the book "Brave and True" written by Stan Parker & John McManus DFC from an article written by Les Barton (fellow of the NSW Historical Society) it states:

"Halifax BB325 was being bombed up and fuelled for the nights Op when it blew up while being loaded. It is presumed that the bomb dropped off. The Halifax caught fire causing a massive explosion which disintegrated the aircraft with shrapnel flying in all directions killing twelve other airmen and seriously injuring two others. A court of enquiry assessed that the cause was a faulty delayed action fuse"

Tripoli War Cemetery

LAC Edwin Lister rests in Tripoli, Libya.

  Photos courtesy of Maisie Edwards,(sister), Simon Toynbee & Caroline Hooper, thanks to RAF Commands message board, research by Linda Ibrom.