Flight Sergeant  Reginald Rowley - 460 Squadron  

F/Sgt Reginald Rowley  - RAAF


F/Sgt Reginald Rowley was serving as Pilot on board Lancaster MK.III JB-606 coded AR-H for an operation to Berlin on January 2/3, 1944. The aircraft departed from Binbrook but crashed near Muckendorf killing the entire crew. Reginald and his crew are buried at the 1939-45 Berlin War Cemetery.

Flight Sergeant Reginald Rowley RAAF was born on 14th February 1913, at Bethanga, Victoria, Australia to parents Joseph and Eircell Rowley. Reginald was a member of Victoria police and was shot down just before his 31st birthday.

The rest of the crew were:


Name Service Age Hometown
Sgt William Fleming RAFVR - -
F/O Edward Truscott RAAF 29 Burwood, Victoria
F/O Aubrey Robinson RAAF 27 Woolongong, New South Wales
F/S Lambert Chester RAAF 32 Panania, New South Wales
F/S Ronald lawn RAFVR 31 Subiaco, Western Australia
F/O Henry Bennett RAFVR 30

Romford Essex



Photos courtesy of Les Rowley, research by Linda Ibrom.

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