The Major Crew - 433 Squadron  

The crew L to R:  Sgt A. Sumner F/E (RAF), Sgt D.D. Skingle M/UG (RCAF), P/O J. Major Pilot (RCAF), Sgt J. Young B/A (RCAF), F/Sgt B. Mose WAG (RAF), Sgt J. Greening R/G (RCAF) kneeling, F/O R. Bower NAV (RCAF)


The Major crew is shown here following their return from an attack on Berlin on the night of March 24, 1944. The aircraft is a Halifax Mk.BIII serial number HX352 coded BM-C. The Major crew went on to successfully complete their tour and were screened from operations.



Photo courtesy of The Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington, Yorkshire.