Sergeant Ben Leland - 433 Squadron  

Sgt Ben Leland - RCAF

Sgt Ben Leland of Saint George, New Brunswick served as Navigator with the Smyth crew as part of 433 Squadron. He and his crew survived the war and flew several trips where they ferried POWs back to England. 


The Smyth Crew

L to R: F/O L. Gartner, Bomb aimer; Sgt J. Plumtree , mid-upper gunner;
Sgt J. Sutherland, F/Engineer; F/Sgt W. Smyth , Pilot; Sgt. Ben Leland, Navigator;
Sgt P. Murray, Rear gunner; kneeling is Sgt. J. Walsh , W/Op/AG


  Photos courtesy of Marilyn Leland Bennett, daughter of Ben Leland.