The Kagna Crew  -  428 Squadron  

The L. Kagna Crew of 428 Squadron standing in front of Lancaster X KB-742 coded NA-M.

L to R: F/Sgt J. Davidson, F/Sgt D. Nelligan, F/Lt L. Kagna, F/O J. McCall, P/O R. Rickward, F/O R. Richey, Sgt B. Leahy


Name Service Trade
F/Lt L. Kagna RCAF Pilot
Sgt B. Leahy RCAF Flight Engineer
F/O R.Richey RCAF Navigator
F/O J. McCall RCAF Bomb Aimer
P/O R. Rickward RCAF W/Op/AG
F/Sgt J. Davidson RCAF M/U Gunner
F/Sgt D. Nelligan RCAF Rear Gunner


Photo courtesy of James Greer.