Flight Sergeant Charles Brazier - 427 Squadron  

Flight Sergeant Charles Brazier - RCAF 


Flight Sergeant Charles Brazier RCAF (R200117) was born in Bracebridge,Ontario in 1921.He is the surviving member of eight brothers (seven of whom served in WW2) and one sister. He enlisted in approximately 1944 and was posted to 427 Squadron.

The crew that he flew with consisted of:

Name Service Trade Hometown
P/O Jack Curtin  RCAF Pilot Oshawa,Ontario
Sgt T.Blyth  RCAF Flight Engineer  
F/O Fred Fisher RCAF Navigator Dundurn,Saskatchewan
F/Sgt Mel Stuggins RCAF Bomb Aimer Galt,Ontario
F/Sgt Charles Brazier RCAF Wireless Air Gunner Bracebridge, Ontario 
W/O2 Harold Gorrick RCAF Air Gunner Toronto,Ontario
W/O2 William Lane  RCAF Air Gunner Algonquin Island, Ontario

The Curtin crew.

L to R : front Mel Stuggins,  Fred R Fisher,  Jack Curtin back William Lane, Harold Gorrick, Charles Brazier

One of the Lancasters  the crew flew in was Lancaster MK1-serial RA536 “Nancy”, struck off charge by the RAF on June 17th 1943 and coming to 427 squadron in February 1945 (coded ZL-N).


Charles with fellow trainees

  Photos courtesy of  Charles Brazier and family, special thanks to Bill Heron & Richard Koval, research by Linda Ibrom.