F/O Frederick Stuart - 426 Squadron  


F/O Frederick John Stuart RAFVR - CGM


F/O Frederick Stuart - RAFVR was piloting Lancaster Mk.II LL-630 coded OW-TD during an operation to Frankfurt on December 20, 1943 when it was lost with all hands aboard.

The rest of the crew were: 





Sgt. Frank Taylor


Flight Engineer


F/L Roderick Dunphy - DFC




F/O Albert Rudman


Bomb Aimer


F/O John Flynn




P/O Thomas Hastings


Air Gunner

F/O George Andrew


Air Gunner

All are buried at Rheinberg War Cemetery.

Frederick was the son of Son of Frederick and Lydia Stuart, husband of Constance Scope Stuart and father of Sandra of Fourstones, Northumberland. Prior to the war he and his wife worked as a solicitor's clerk, he was 27 years old at the time of his death.  
The citation for his Conspicuous Gallantry Medal put forward  by his squadron CO on the 23rd October reads:
"In a raid on Leipzig on the night of 20/21st October 1943,,described by returning airmen as appalling, with sixteen aircraft failing to return, this airman piloted an aircraft detailed to attack Leipzig. Before the target was reached, the aircraft was intercepted by a fighter which attacked with great persistence. Much damage was sustained before Flight Sergeant Stuart succeeded in flying clear. Shortly afterwards,another fighter made a series of attacks but,with superb skill, Flight Lieutenant Stuart evaded them. His aircraft was badly crippled, the cockpits, turrets, hydraulic gear and other essential equipment were damaged. The petrol tanks had been pierced and one of the gunners wounded. 

Undaunted, this valiant pilot went on to bomb his target and afterwards flew the crippled bomber to base where he effected a masterly landing in the face of heavy odds. This airman set an example of courage, resolution and devotion to duty beyond praise."

His Navigator, F/L Roderick Dunphy was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross for the same operation, his citation reads:

"Flight Lieutenant  Dunphy has taken part in numerous sorties, the majority of which have been directed against major German targets. During a mission to Leipzig in October 1943, his aircraft was twice engaged by enemy fighters and sustained damage in all seven attacks. The aircraft suffered severe damage and all the navigational instruments were destroyed. despite this, F/L Dunphy, by superb navigation, directed the pilot to the target and back to base. This officer has invariably shown a high degree of skill and courage"





Photo courtesy of Sandra Spears (daughter of F/O Stuart), research by Linda Ibrom.