Flying Officer Raymond Dyer - 35 Squadron  

Flying Officer Raymond H.H Dyer - RAFVR

Flying Officer Raymond H.H Dyer was serving as Navigator on board Lancaster Mk.III PB377 coded TL-K during an operation to Potsdam on April 14/15, 1945. The aircraft departed Gravely at 1840hrs and some time later while int he target area had an engine catch fire. The pilot gave the order to abandon the aircraft and six of the crew baled out, he then flew the aircraft back to Dutch territory and also baled out. Five of the seven men aboard made it safely to the ground and were eventually taken prisoner. F/Sgt Tovey managed to evade capture and Sgt Reynolds was killed, he is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. 

The crew consisted of:



F/O V.B Bowen-Morris - POW


Sgt W.G Reynolds

Flight Engineer

F/O Raymond Dyer - POW


F/Sgt S.G. Silcock - POW

Bomb Aimer

F/Sgt C.S Gibbon - POW


F/Sgt J.W. Tovey - EVD

Air Gunner

F/Sgt E.G Meredith - POW

Air Gunner

 Flying Officer Raymond H.H Dyer was shot down twice, a double member of the caterpillar club, the first time he made it back to allied lines the second time he was on the run in Germany for 3 weeks before he was caught and put in a POW camp. He   was the most senior officer in his POW Camp and when liberation was imminent the Polish airmen begged him to not let the Russians have them they had heard stories of Polish service men just disappearing. 

Raymond Dyer (L) with friend.

 F/O Dyer decided that It would be best to get everyone to the English or American front, so he marched the whole camp out, even though they were still under the German guard and ultimately found the American lines. Based on what we now know, he may have saved a lot of lives by doing this.

 F/O Dyer was a Chief Navigator with 35 Squadron, his outstanding service resulted in him receiving a Distinguished Service Order and Bar.


  Photo and information courtesy of Joanna Dyer.