Flight Sergeant Stan Boulton - 35 Squadron  

Flight Sergeant Stan Boulton - RAFVR

 Flight Sergeant Stan Boulton was serving as Mid Upper Gunner aboard Lancaster Mk. III ND-597 coded TL-A during an operation to Berlin March 24/25, 1944. The aircraft took off from Graveley at 1844hrs and was returning to base when it was shot down by a night-fighter, killing five of the seven crewmembers. F/Sgt Boulton was thrown clear of the aircraft when it exploded and made it safely to the ground, where he was taken prisoner.

 He was to spend the rest of the war in Camp Stalag 357 Kopernikus as number 339. After two escape attempts he was taken to Stalag Luft 1V at Riga/Lithuania. At the end of the war he was transferred by train to Stalag 357 at Thorn and then Fallingbostel near Hanover. He and the other prisoners were marched out of there, only to be mistaken for German Infantry and attacked from the air by the RAF. During the subsequent commotion, he again escaped eventually reaching British Army lines where his party were again mistaken for Germans and fired at. He was wounded before finally reaching safety. He and  the bomb aimer, Flight Lieutenant Muego were the only survivors of the crew and both became members of the Caterpillar Club.

The crew consisted of:

Name Service Trade Hometown Age
S/L Richard Fitzgerald (DFC) RAAF  Pilot Namban,W.Australia 22
F/O Cecil Dineen  RAFVR Flight Engineer Bexleyheath,Kent 20
F/O John Savage  RAAF  Navigator Queensland, Australia 27
F/Lt William “Scott” Muego - POW RAFVR Bomb Aimer Glasgow, Scotland 29
W/O Robert Brewington  RAAF  Wop/AG Queensland, Australia 27
F/Sgt Frederick Smith  RAFVR Rear Gunner Cobridge,Stoke-on-Trent 30


  Photo courtesy of Dougie Muego , research by Linda Ibrom.