F/Sgt Brinley Hinks - 156 Squadron  

Flight Sergeant Brinley Hinks - RAFVR


F/Sgt Brinley Hinks was serving on board Lancaster MK.III JA-925 coded GT-L for an operation to Berlin on January 1/2, 1944. The aircraft departed from Warboys at 0019hrs but was lost without a trace. The crew are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. 

The rest of the crew were:


Name Service Age Hometown
S/L Rowland Fawcett -DFC RAF - Duncan, B.C, Canada
P/O Roland Bowen RAF 23 Bridgenorth, Shropshire
P/O Geoffrey Vickers - DFC RAFVR 22 Castleford, Yorkshire
P/O Percy Lyford - DFC RAFVR 21 Willesden Green,Middx
F/S George Headley RAFVR 19 Hull
F/S John Bell RAFVR 22 Lancashire


 Flight Sergeant Brinley Charles Hinks RAFVR, was born on the 11th July 1923. Bryn, as he was known was the only son of Oswald and Irene Hinks. When he was eight his mother died and he and his sister, Doreen were raised by their father  with the help of an aunt and Grandparents.

 He was a well loved young man with a grand personality. His wonderful singing voice had won him a gold medal at the Eisteddfod in Wales. In the letters of condolence to his father, his singing voice is mentioned and how it moved those who heard it. On the back of his Pathfinder certificate is jotted down the words of "O Donna Mobile" which he was possibly going to sing at a Mess function. After leaving school he worked for the Co-operative Society in Pontypridd before joining the RAFVR in October 1940 at the age of 17. Bryn joined 156 squadron in July 1943, he like most of the crew being transferred from 12 Squadron.

 Letters to his family relay some of the missions hair raising moments, although he wrote as if he was not part of it as he didn't want his grandmother to know he was flying. He also asks for Every Ready razor blades as they are unavailable and thanks his Auntie for doing his washing .

 "Bryn" was a much loved, considerate and talented young man who is still sorely missed by his family. He had returned home for leave with John Bell before returning to  base in the New Year and his death in January 1944.


Brinley Hinks and Jack Bell




Photo courtesy of Lynne Lewis & Maureen Carter, research by Linda Ibrom.