P/O Roland Bowen - 156 Squadron  

Pilot Officer Roland Bowen  - RAFVR


P/O Roland Bowen was serving on board Lancaster MK.III JA-925 coded GT-L for an operation to Berlin on January 1/2, 1944. The aircraft departed from Warboys at 0019hrs but was lost without a trace. The crew are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.
P/O Roland John Bowen, known as "Lofty" was aged 23 and the son of Roland Arnes and Elizabeth May Bowen of Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

The rest of the crew were:


Name Service Age Hometown
S/L Rowland Fawcett -DFC RAF - Duncan, B.C, Canada
F/S John Bell RAFVR 22 Lancashire
P/O Geoffrey Vickers - DFC RAFVR 22 Castleford, Yorkshire
P/O Percy Lyford - DFC RAFVR 21 Willesden Green,Middx
F/S George Headley RAFVR 19 Hull
F/S Brinley Hinks RAFVR 20



In the letter shown below dated 31.1.1944, his father wrote to the family of another crew member and friend of Roland's, Brinley Hinks's parents. He tells of their shock and how difficult they are finding the suspense as they wait for news. He says that they must not give up hope as "John" used to say that he would try to avoid capture and that if they were to come down in occupied territory, the local people often hid RAF boys.                     

Sadly this was not to be.




Photos courtesy of Lynne Lewis & Maureen Carter, research by Linda Ibrom.